MU Group the 2021-2022 Middle and Senior Cadres Meeting and Award Ceremony

MU Group the 2021-2022 Middle and Senior Cadres Meeting and Award Ceremony MU Group the 2021-2022 Middle and Senior Cadres Meeting and Award Ceremony

March 5th, MU Group grandly hold the 2021-2022 middle and senior cadres meeting and award ceremony in Ningbo. The employees who are Vice Manager and above, 5th-anniversary employees, 10th-anniversary employees, and award-winning colleagues gathered together to participate in the activity. Chairman and President of MU Group Tom Tang, Leaders of MU Group Jeff Luo, Henry Xu, Amenda Weng, Eric Zhuang, Amanda Chen, William Wang attended the meeting.

In the morning, the finance department, shipping department, human resources department, design department spoke operational Summary and working reports respectively, they reviewed the past from different functional perspectives and looked forward to the future work. They think how to show advantages of their department to provide better service to support the development of sales in the world. Jeff Luo, the representative of the Group’s business group, William Wang, the representative of the business division, and Hedy Ku, the representative of the business department, delivered speeches respectively. The wonderful speeches of the three representatives represent different thinking from MU Group people who have grown up at different stages, they also have a common keyword “struggle”.

MU Group has always advocated the concept of willingness to share and improve together and encourages people to learn from communication and achieve common progress. MU Group created interviews through dialogue in the afternoon. Employees share excellent sales experience, they show the wisdom of strong teams of MU Group and excellent individuals. There are wonderful shares, including the strategies how to enter the American market, the secrets of the invisible champion team, top employees how to get a professional products line. The interviews show the product management ideas, the concept of serving customers, and the experience of growing up in the struggle. They are role models worthy of learning, and they bring inspiration and resonance to colleagues.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tang delivered a speech. He reiterated the direction of building a sports organization of MU Group, advocated moving from individual struggle to collective struggle, and formed a situation of self-confidence, openness, coordinated operations, and overall efficient high-quality development within the group organization. However, The realization of this situation is inseparable from the construction of middle and senior cadres. MU Group is people-oriented and insists on rejuvenating talents group, and MU Group accelerates the promotion of 95s and 00s middle-level and above cadres. At the same time, we hope to lead by example from middle and senior cadres, strict manage department, so that friends who are willing to be time and truly capable colleagues stand out, take on greater responsibilities, and reap higher achievements. In addition, Mr. Tang gave a brief explanation on the love company education and emphasized that the love company premise is to love the country, love the city, love one’s own life, care about every bit of the organization from thought and action, and integrate into the company’s development.

The evening ceremony consisted of five-year employee awarding, ten-year employee awarding, awarding honors to recognize contributors in special periods and events, and awarding awards to the winning teams and individuals for each item of the year. The glory on the stage comes from the hard work behind it. At this moment, everyone let go of the tense rhythm. The winners picked up the trophy in the cheerful music, and everyone gave a warm applause. The heavy trophy is a satisfactory answer to the past year and motivates us to move forward. The little golden man on the trophy leans forward, isn’t it the figure of the MU Group people who work hard, are aggressive, and pursue a better life?

The award ceremony was completed in a compact and cheerful atmosphere. Let us seize the third high-speed development opportunity of the group, and moved towards the company mission of “we envision a worldwide fashion business organization within 30 years”; always adhere to “we value our customers and always honor them as a priority. We believe that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”, and make unremitting efforts for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the happiness of himself and his family in his post.

Post time: Mar-06-2022