MU Group|Deputy Mayor Ganghui Ruan Visited Yiwu Operation Center

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On the morning of February 15th, Deputy Mayor Ganghui Ruan and his delegation from Jinhua government visited the Yiwu Operation Center of MU Group to conduct research and held a symposium. The presidant assistant of MU, Yiwu CPPCC member, and the general manager of Royaumann William Wang, warmly welcomed the delegation and spoke as a representative.

First, the delegation led by Deputy Mayor Ruan visited the company’s sample showroom. During the visit, he praised MU for continuously improving procurement efficiency and supply chain management through serialized products and professional services, and acknowledged the company’s active use of live streaming to expand cross-border business.

In the subsequent forum, Mayor Ruan frequently interacted with the participating enterprises. His top concern was the changes brought about by the adjustment of COVID policies, especially the specific problems that enterprises encountered in the initial stage of the first quarter. William Wang first gave a related report. He said that since the beginning of this year, the company has taken advantage of the window of policy change, actively pursuing orders and expanding the market overseas. MU has sent a large number of colleagues to industry exhibitions in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other countries. During the Chinese New Year period, many colleagues were still visiting customers abroad. The various foreign trade stabilization policies introduced by the government have been timely and effective, but with the continuous growth of business, the company’s demand for self-built supporting warehousing is more urgent. Mayor Ruan believes that MU has keenly captured the changes in the market and grasped the good aspects of development. The municipal government has always been concerned about the shortage of warehousing land and believes that it will gradually be eased.

Although the participating enterprises came from different industries such as international trade, supply chain management, department stores, electrical manufacturing, agricultural product processing, and automobile sales, they all belong to the import and export market and therefore face some common problems. For example, weakening demand from foreign markets, orders being transferred to Southeast Asia, fewer booth quotas for the Canton Fair, fluctuations in exchange rates and shipping costs, inadequate supporting services for talents, and so on. Everyone expressed that they will make good use of policy measures that support foreign trade development and strive for greater growth in 2023.

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After listening to everyone’s problems and suggestions, Mayor Ruan pointed out that this year is the beginning of China-style modernization. The first quarter is the beginning of the beginning, and ultimately, economic development depends on enterprises and implementation in the market economy. The purpose of this on-site research and forum in Yiwu is to understand the most frontline news, grasp the most cutting-edge trends, and make the most realistic judgments. In addition to the problems, everyone should see positive factors such as unimpeded domestic and international communication, cost reduction, and the rise of emerging markets. Yiwu has a unique position and responsibility, and Yiwu entrepreneurs can definitely make good use of all favorable factors to achieve new development. Relevant departments should also accurately connect government services with enterprise needs, bring back the opinions and suggestions collected from this forum, carefully study and refine them, and effectively solve urgent problems that enterprises are concerned about.

Finally, Mayor Ruan emphasized that opening up is the top priority and key driving force for the development of Yiwu. It is necessary to adhere to the linkage between government and enterprises, continuously expand the “sweet potato economy,” promote integrated institutional innovation in the free trade zone, strive for policy breakthroughs in areas such as CPTPP and DEPA, and strive to advance and contribute in the competition of the new round of free trade zones throughout China.

Qiaodi Ge, a member of the Yiwu Municipal Committee, as well as leaders from relevant departments in Jinhua and Yiwu, accompanied the research and discussion activities.

Post time: Feb-21-2023