MU Group | MU Academy Held 10th Anniversary Ceremony

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As the saying goes, “it takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to cultivate people.” On March 10th, MU Academy held its 10th anniversary plaque unveiling ceremony and the opening ceremony for the 80th session of the Newcomer Class (Social Recruitment Class) in the training room on the 5th floor of the group. Tom Tang, the President of MU Group and MU Academy, along with group leaders Amenda Weng and Amanda Chen, as well as the leaders of each subsidiary division and company, lecturer representatives attended.

In his opening speech, Tom Tang recalled the ten-year history of the academy’s development with deep emotion. Despite encountering some temporary difficulties, MU Academy has never stopped its educational journey. The company’s mission is to promote the globalization of Chinese products and cultivate outstanding talent in the industry. Over the past decade, MU Academy has consistently upheld this mission, taking on the task of cultivating outstanding talent in the industry, and believing that it will also cultivate outstanding entrepreneurs in the future. The academy has always regarded moral education and patriotism education as important content, inspiring students to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


He also vividly recounted the story of the famous Chinese writer, theorist, and cultural historian Yu Qiuyu, who wrote the inscription for MU Academy, and urged everyone to cherish the rare opportunity of training, balance the relationship between work and study, and achieve thinking, learning, and application.

Culture creates history, and history illuminates the future. At this special time point of tenth anniversary, the “MU Academy” with Yu Qiuyu’s handwriting was officially unveiled, injecting cultural weight and heritage into the development of the college, inspiring us to run this academy to a higher standard in the future.


Today, the college also welcomes outstanding students of the 80th session, which is a lucky and proud number, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the academy. At the opening ceremony, President Tom Tang wore the school emblem for each student, a small emblem symbolizing the connection between students and MU Academy at this moment. They have become the witnesses and participants of the tenth anniversary!

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Looking back on the past, the academy has cultivated numerous industry talents. Starting from the first session from March 3rd to March 15th, 2013, a total of 2,301 students have graduated successfully, cultivating a group of outstanding talents for the company and even the entire industry. Especially in the past two years from 2021 to 2022, the college has offered diversified courses such as high research classes, manager classes, Orange Power Camp, and Focus Camp, with a total of 38 training sessions and a total length of 1056 hours. The scale of education is getting larger, and the development momentum is getting better.

Ten years of sweat, ten years of diligence, and ten years of hard work have created the academy’s today. The tenth anniversary is a new starting point. Towards the vision of building a world-class sports business school, MU Academy has always been on the road!

Post time: Mar-22-2023