MU Group | The 2023 Annual and Kick-off Meeting is Grandly Held

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Spring comes to the earth and everything comes back to life. From February 28th to March 1st, the 2023 Annual and Kick-off Meeting of MU Group were held in Yiwu and Ningbo respectively, with more than 2000 colleagues gathering together to celebrate this grand occasion!

It was also a solemn oath-taking ceremony before setting off to battle. At the Dongqian Lake International Conference Center in Ningbo with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and at the Shangri-La Hotel in Yiwu, where crowds of people surged, officially sounding the charge of “Defending Stalingrad” and “Decisive Battle 2023″!

The Group’s President Tom Tang, Group leaders Henry Xu, Amenda Weng, Eric Zhuang, Amanda Chen, and William Wang attended the meeting, while Vice President Jeff Luo was absent due to a business trip abroad.

The conference officially kicked off with the national anthem. The morning session included the “Chain Award” ceremony for the fifth-year colleagues, the “Ring Award” ceremony for the tenth-year colleagues, awarding of medals, and individual and group commendation ceremonies.


The honor and flowers on the stage came from the specific struggles and sweat of ordinary life. A necklace and a diamond ring symbolize the beautiful friendship between everyone and MU, as they move forward together and strive side by side. The medals and trophies behind them represent the hard work and dedication of colleagues!


The most dazzling thing is the radiance of youth, where outstanding new talents, youth civilization models, top ten outstanding young people, and top ten outstanding young seedlings frequently appear. They represent the future and hope.


The most touching thing is the recipients of the “Martyr Medal.” During the severe epidemic period last year, they were infected with COVID-19 while serving customers, which is also another form of “sacrifice”!


At the conference, Ningbo Bright Max Co.,Ltd. (Big Division), America Division of Ningbo Topwin (Big Division), Universal Division of MU (Big Division), Market Select Devision of MU, Retail Chain Division of MU and America Division of AC signed contracts to establish their respective divisions. South America Division of Ningbo Topwin (Big Division) and Online Division of GU will sign contracts at a later date.


The conference also held a military pledge signing and collective oath ceremony.  “Swear to set out and win the victory!” “Achieve the goal!” “Attack with all strength and be invincible!” “Victory! Victory! Victory!” and other resolute pledges echoed through the venue, shaking the sky. The magnificent scene of thousands of people shouting the oath together conveyed the determination of all MU people to win!


The Group has always advocated a positive work culture, encouraging colleagues to share and communicate for common progress. If the first half of the meeting was filled with the joy of harvest, the second half was a surge of ideological collision and confrontation.


The finance department, document department, human resources department, design department, and other departments presented work reports, summarizing the past and looking forward to the future, planning how to better serve and support business development.


The exciting speeches of the award winners, MU Academy students, business unit, and subsidiary representatives, as well as the dialogue and interview sessions, brought more in-depth thinking about customer service, business models, and development strategies.


Especially the first “Top 10 Outstanding Young People” vs. “Top 10 Outstanding Young Seedlings” debate competition, where both sides fiercely debated the topic of “traditional foreign trade vs. cross-border e-commerce, who will have the last laugh!” Amidst waves of applause and laughter, it also brought new understanding and resonance to this topic.


At the end of the conference, President Tom Tang delivered a speech. He emphasized the need to concentrate all resources and make unprecedented efforts to participate in exhibitions, visit customers, recruit talents and college students, and the goal for this year is to aggressively recruit and achieve rapid growth. Quality should be valued, as it equals profit, and profit and orders should be demanded from quality.


Environmental protection should be prioritized as MU exists in society and should play a role and have an impact on society. Competitiveness should be sought from technology, but more importantly, technology should be used to improve workflow and better serve customers. Customer first should be upheld, and efforts should be made to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Tom Tang believes that 2023 is the year of cross-border e-commerce, and de-intermediation and de-branding are the trends of today’s retail industry, and B-side and C-side platforms will usher in a period of great development. A new round of high-speed development of the company is becoming closer and closer, and we must adhere to trust and openness and accelerate the establishment of new business units and new companies.

The “Battle of Stalingrad” will definitely write the most intense chapter in MU’s development history, and we will transition from the strategic stalemate phase to a full-scale attack.

Finally, he reiterated the company’s mission, vision, culture, and values, expressed gratitude to this great era, and hoped that everyone would make the greatest effort to move forward.

The conference was successfully concluded in a compact and cheerful atmosphere. We see what we believe in! Let us continue to persevere, strive to change our destiny, and persist in long-term struggle. We will fight in 2023 and create a better future for MU together!









Post time: Mar-03-2023